His life ended today…


His life ended today.

A total stranger…yet the impact of that moment I believe has forever changed my life.  I’m grateful for growth.

Isn’t that what moments in our lives are meant to be?

Moments that change us?  Hopefully most for the better but some not so much.  We get to choose.

Early in the morning on our way to church, we were following behind a vehicle that kept swerving off the road. Multiple times he drove off the shoulder of the road and course-corrected to get back into his lane…and then there was the time he didn’t.

Seeing a miracle unfold before us in a moment that lasted only seconds as his SUV crossed six lanes of highway, crossing the median, reaching the other side of the road only to go airborne flipping multiple times before coming to a stop.  None of the other cars in his path were hit and no one else was injured. 

Seeing the frailty of a human body as it is slung from a window only to land in a crumpled heap on the pavement… and then stillness.   

It happened in less than a minute.

We stopped to offer help but life slipped from this young man as my husband knelt beside him, soothed him, called his name, …AND PRAYED…hoping for a second chance, a healing…another miracle.

One moan and then nothing and I wandered briefly if he knew.

My husband never left his side…

He was a lone soul who needed not to be alone at that moment.  In the end, he wasn’t.

We were strangers and yet, we weren’t.  He was another of God’s creations that needed to know in the end he was loved and I hope in some small part he knew that he was.

We now know his name but know nothing of his life. Nothing but the debris of his life that littered the pavement around him like a protective circle.

I’ve been pondering what I saw and I realized…  

How often do we look at the debris of a man’s life and judge him never for one moment knowing his story? Labeling him with an identity based upon the debris of his past that we see but never his heart that we can’t… and whether by our own fear of inadequacy or failure or inconvenience, never thinking of walking through his debris, his shattered dreams and brokenness to be by his side when he needs not to be alone. When he desperately needs to know he isn’t alone, that his life matters…to someone.  

There is always a biblical principle for everything in life…always a lesson to be learned.

Here it is…

My husband simply knelt down to be with him…to be present in that short moment with him. I believe that meant something.

And someone else has done that very thing for us.

Jesus knows our name. He’s always known.

He knows everything about our lives.

He not only observes the debris of our lives, the shattered dreams and brokenness but does not hesitate to walk to us to be near us and…

He kneels…

He comforts…

He loves…

He is present with us…

And He calls us by name…

If we allow ourselves to be the center point of our own lives, then what pours from our core, will be the debris that begins and ends with us…the hurts, the wounds, the unkindness, the hatred, the judgments, the cruelty…caused by wounds never fully healed by the blood of Christ. Wounds we were never meant to carry.

However, if we allow Jesus to be the center of our lives, then everything that pours from our core begins with Him…and it will not be the debris of our lives but the beautiful moments of our lives where joy is possible, love is possible, kindness is possible, healing is possible, peace is possible because through Christ, all things are possible.

We are not alone.  He will never leave us nor forsake us.

People are not an interruption to our day.  They are another opportunity for us to reflect the love of Jesus to a hurting and dying world who do not know Him.

What if we viewed walking with someone on their journey not as an interruption but rather as an opportunity to help them through the brokenness of their lives?  Leading them to a loving Savior who can mend all brokenness.  It will be messy.  It will most certainly interfere with our “busy” schedules. It will be inconvenient at times but it will be worth it. It is the needful thing.

What if we viewed these divine appointments as God trusting us with the heart of one of His creations for that specific moment in time? I wonder how we would respond.

Out of everyone living on the planet on that day, in that moment, God entrusted us with the last moments of one young man’s life and his loss.

The journey of learning continues…

I’m so very grateful Jesus walked through the debris of my life and my heart so I would never be alone and He has never left my side.

I do not know if this young man knew Jesus before he died.  I hope he did.  My heart grieves for him if he didn’t…but this moment has awakened me to this fact…life is but a breath.

…it all begins by putting others first  because in the end, only kindness matters.

Peace be the journey,