He doesn’t need a why? He just is…

God is amazing isn’t He?
He doesn’t need a why, He just is!

In the deepest heart of every person God planted a longing for Himself, as He is: a God of love. – Eugenia Price

A baby changes everything! … Amazing LOVE. A priceless gift: Life!  A simple birth.  

Sigh…another Christmas has come and gone, too quickly.  All aspirations of enjoying this festive season, the gatherings, the lights, the baking (okay, so maybe the thought of baking), seemingly vanished overnight.  I’m sorry but did life happen while I was doing life? 

The lessons continue…

The decorations are carefully stored for next year’s retrieval.  Out of sight and out of mind I say.  However, as I think on that statement, is that truly how I want to live my life in 2013.  Out of sight, out of mind…doing life and missing it?

The answer…No!

This I know, life must be lived on purpose and with intent or we live it for naught. I don’t want to simply exist and miss life!  What happened to experiencing life firsthand–from my own eyes and ears?  Life must be lived by God’s direction and for His purpose or the joy and fulfillment we seek out of living will never manifest before us for He, Himself, is our peace.

So, then, how can I live this year better?

The answer…to live THE life, not A life that God designed and planned for me.  Isn’t that really what it is all about? Jeremiah 29:11 (AMP) …living THE life He has chosen for me and accomplishing the assignments He has given to me?  Living it with love and living it simply.  Running my own race…Hello!  Isn’t that what I just learned in running my first ever half marathon on December 1st.  This is what brings Him Joy…and His joy is my strength.

My declaration:  2013 is my year to live THE life!  I’m not certain of the direction but I’m moving forward–each day taking care of itself–at His direction.  I find it intriguing!  Why?  When every detail of my life must be planned out – no surprises – no interruptions – my way?  Hmm, this type of living may just make amazing fodder for my blogs.  In any event, maybe I’ll enjoy some light-hearted laughter along the way.

God is amazing and He doesn’t need a “Why?” …He just is!

I serve a truly amazing God and deeply love an amazing Saviour – JESUS!  Happy Birthday Jesus ❤

In Him, I live and move and have my being,



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